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Gallery Advisory » WHAT WE DO

We provide customer focused service to our clients throughout the project life-cycle.

Our independence and industry expertise allows us to provide reliable guidance which reflects your interests exclusively. We believe in bespoke solutions that provide immediate and long term returns. We instil a corporate culture that promotes innovation, creativity and accountability. Our primary goal as strategic advisors is to ensure our clients are equipped with the knowledge to make decisions with confidence.

Property Advisory & Consultancy

We act for corporate and private clients in the residential property sector. We make clear & concise recommendations that can be considered at board level of public companies, financial institutions’ and private owners alike.

Due Diligence and Project Acquisition

At Gallery Advisory we co-ordinate property acquisitions on behalf of our clients. Unlike the traditional agency houses, we are free of inherent conflicts to ensure our clients’ interests are protected and objectives are optimised. We complete in-depth investigations and provide specialist information to empower our clients to make informed negotiation and purchasing decisions. Unlike most consulting firms, we will clearly identify your target market prior to you committing to any purchase. Bulk, location and demographics are used to analyse the highest and best use of the project. As a result, we will advise you as to the target price points, product type and owner occupier versus investor mix. Our consultancy service includes end to end development appraisal, including risk assessment and management planning that can accompany high level Board reports on recommendations and outcomes. This will help you to make the appropriate commercial decision and ensure confidence is instilled in financial institutions when raising private finance.

Development Plan and Program Management

We offer clients a highly professional service through which all aspects of a project are processed effectively, efficiently and transparently. Simply, we act as the client representative throughout the complete project. Clients can choose the services that satisfy their specific needs. We interpret Planning Controls and identify site-specific constraints to provide advice on technical information across the key consultant disciplines during site investigations, pre-purchase and throughout the design process prior to and post the Development Application submission. We identify and co-ordinate key stakeholder engagement from local authorities, statutory bodies and local interest groups. When preparing a development strategy, Gallery inject advice from our market-leading leasing, residential sales, property management, valuation and investment units, meaning our clients are the best advised landowners in the market place at that time. This provides our clients with critical information to determine the optimum development outcomes which affect tenure types, dwelling mix and profit forecasts.

Feasibilities and Project Budgets

Gallery Advisory uses technical financial modelling software (Estate Master) that is specifically designed for justification of implementing standard or complex projects/developments. The software has a clear and intuitive layout which makes assessing the financial viability of a development quick and simple.

Project Funding

Gallery Advisory will assist you in raising development funds. Our expertise and industry recognition will have a significant positive impact on the way you are viewed by any potential development funder. This extends to the terms sheet offered by potential lenders and will improve your Debt to Equity Ratio and likely reduce you pre-sale requirements.

Construction Management

We fully co-ordinate and manage all consultants to ensure the design brief and financial requirements are met. Our broad spectrum of design and construction skills provides us with strong knowledge of all design disciplines. Most importantly, our years of onsite management and contract administration ensure the project is delivered both on budget and on time. Our team will create and oversee schedules, budgets, and contracting so that your project is built according to plan—on time and within budget.

Built Form Delivery

With current Builder Licenses in both Victoria (License Number DB-L42633) and Queensland (Licence Number 1207880) Gallery Homes is well placed to manage all Built Form components of your project in partnership with Gallery Advisory. Gallery Advisory takes a build-to-suit management approach. We will help you identify goals for the space and then develop all required construction documents and detailed written specifications for all building systems and components.

Sales and Marketing

Gallery Advisory is without peer in respect of sales and marketing. Our Real Estate division has generated and managed thousands of sales over the last decade, meaning our understanding of, and network in both the retail and investment purchaser space cannot be matched. This experience ensures that your project will be presented in the appropriate form to the appropriate market.

Asset Management

Within our Real Estate business we have a dedicated Asset Management division. We give potential purchasers of your development sites confidence that the asset they acquire will be cared for. This coupled with our unique 5 and 10 year leaseback options has a significant impact on the sale-ability of your development and differentiates you from those around you.