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Gallery Advisory » PROJECT TYPES

Gallery Advisory manages and delivers a wide range of residential projects including:

Greenfield Land Subdivisions

Broad-acre land parcels previously used for rural or agricultural purposes on the urban fringe of our cities, often have complex planning and infrastructure constraints which can be challenging to navigate with Government. Gallery Advisory’s experience and services will assist to make this a smooth and informative journey.

Infill Sites

In many ways, infill development is a major driver of new dwelling growth in our cities. Characterised by the redevelopment of existing urban sites, infill development essentially creates a more efficient use of land. Gallery Advisory’s experience can lead to achieving a higher and better use of a site, based on the need of the surrounding community.

Turn-Key Housing Estates

Turn-key packages have a distinct advantage for the buyer - a brand new home with a fixed price that is ready to live in from the moment the keys are handed over. Gallery Advisory can provide this exit strategy based on market knowledge. Plan ahead with confidence.

Multi-Unit Housing

Housing diversity is essential for developers, owner occupiers and investors alike. Dual Occupancy, Secondary dwelling, Duplex dwellings, Townhouses, Terrace housing and Villas. Gallery Advisory is experienced in providing a built product range to meet the target market and sales strategy.

Multi-Storey Apartments

Increasing density through a multi storey development is an ideal approach to maximise the value potential of your property. Dwelling unit options are almost limitless. Design and functional layouts are paramount. Gallery Advisory’s experience can deliver the optimal outcome.

Mixed or Single Use Opportunity

Mixed use zoning has become more prevalent, creating more vibrant communities by bringing a range of complementary land uses together in one location. Gallery Advisory assist in determining the suitable blend of uses – attaining higher yields and spreading risk.